Christ the Redeemer

Can you imagine a trip to Rio de Janeiro without visiting Christ the Redeemer statue? It´s like not visiting Rio de Janeiro at all. Along with the Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer is a necessary appointment to every tourist passing by the Marvelous City.

Corcovado Train

The history of Corcovado and the Christ the Redeemer as a tourist attraction starts in 1882, as a decision of Dom Pedro II to build a railroad for touristic purposes. The engineers Francisco Pereira Passos and Joao Teixeira Soares built the railroad, from Cosme Velho to the peak of Corcovado.
The railroad was open to the public in 1884, with the start signal given by D. Pedro II emperor himself.

The Christ the Redeemer Statue

The statue of the Christ the Redeemer was built only in 1931. It took 5 years to finish, in a period where Brazil was already a republic, but Rio de Janeiro still was the country capital (the capital of Brazil is Brasilia nowadays).
The statue, made in France by Paul Landowski, was sent to Brazil in parts, disassembled. Only the head had 50 pieces to be mounted, and each hand 11.5 ft. The same railroad, built by D. Pedro II, was used to take the statue pieces to the top of the mountain.
Many workers used gigantic scaffoldings made by iron and wood to assemble the statue.
In 2016, Christ the Redeemer will complete 85 years, and despite being “young”, it already had some repairs. Made with metal and soap stone, the image of Christ with arms wide open always watching the Rio de Janeiro city was built to sustain even hurricanes with winds of 155 mph, like the Katrina.
The monument in the peak of Corcovado, is one of the Seven World Modern Wonders, and is consider the symbol of Latin America. You can visit the Redeemer Statue by the Corcovado train, Vans or by car. The Statue of Christ the Redeemer receive more than 600 thousands visitors per year.

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